Monday, May 20, 2013

Dos and Don'ts for taking pictures of costumers

With several fairly large conventions heading into the Memorial Weekend and weekends after, I thought this would be a good time to remind people that the concept of “Cosplay /= Consent” goes for Costumers at non-anime conventions as well. - These are some great examples of posters from Convergence.

At Nerdiquette 101, we firmly believe that most people being “that guy” or "that girl" do not understand they are making others uncomfortable, so here’s a quick list of Dos & Don’ts for interacting with costumers at a con.

Do ask to take pictures.
Do ask costumers about their work. 
Do compliment them on their work
Do ask costumers about the character.

Don’t monopolize the costumer.  Make sure others have the chance to talk or take pictures.
Don’t comment negatively or criticize.  (About the person, about the character, or about the costume.)
Don’t take pictures of butts, breasts or other areas!!!!
Don’t touch the costume/costumer without permission.  Many costumes take hours and several hundred dollars to create.
Don’t interrupt a professional photo shoot w/o permission.

The bottom line: follow the Will Wheaton rule:  Don’t be a dick!

Also, if you are going to be at ConCarolinas, check out the Nerdiquette 101 panel on Friday afternoon at 4:30pm.

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